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Hello, I'm Marcin 👋🏻
I'm freelancer base in Poland. I’ve been involved in the commercial web dev for several years. Mainly i do code but when it's needed i do also design. My journey with developing thing started when i could put hands on my first PC.
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Feel free to write a message if there is no interesting you service.
There is definitely more of that, here is just most requested services.


General purpose programming, nowadays web technology can be pack in any form. Pierce your thoughts into a working application.

Template coding

Give your static project some life. Creating semantic, responsive code in accordance with the guidelines of the W3C organization.


Current most popular content management system with i can do anything thanks to its flexible nature. Plugins, themes and more.

Web designing

Well-designed website increase your earnings, makes most important information easy to access and increases customer interest.


Nobody likes waste time on page loading. With every millisecond you lose users, potential income and position in web search engine.

Software maintenance

Its good to have technical support in crisis situations. Software need to be regularly updated a tested to work proper.
My favorites projects


Little spark of the work that has been done.
Full-featured web music player with support HTML5 audio tag and YouTube API.
Jamstack, Vue, Gridsome, Strapi, MySQL, Design, JavaScript, PHP (in the past)
Fun project, attempt to reimplement "Po prostu Łoś" in JS and Vue which is used for making interactive interfaces not games.
Vue, JavaScript
WordPress sites: #1#2#3
Popular questions


Missing question? Just ask in contact.
How does the cooperation look like?
Based on the information provided, I set the project concepts and required functions. After accepting the initial valuation and the suggested execution date, we close formal issues such as signing the contract (optional) and settle the advance payment. Then I pass to work on the graphic design with your sense of aesthetics in mind. I am sending you a graphic design for review, waiting for feedback. After accepting design, I'm starting to implement the project so that your website starts own life in the web.
Will I receive support?
Each project after finish receive one month technical support, which means you can write to me at any time if a problem occurs or you need help. You can extend this time individual.
Will my site will work in old browsers?
Your site will looks fine on all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and all forks) two versions backwards. I left Internet Explorer on history graveyard but it can be resurrected.
Where will my site will be hosted?
I don't do hosting myself simply because i can't guarantee 24/7 support. For my polish customers i always recommend AttHost, for foreign Google Cloud, AWS, Azure.
What materials do I need to prepare?
The basic materials I will need are texts, because I do not deal with copywriting. In some scenarios i will also need photos e.g. products.
Why there is no price?
Each customer / project have individual requirements, it is just impossible to estimate time for that ;)
What should I do if I don't know what I need exactly?
First of all, write to me, present your idea, the situation of companies or your needs. I will help you in choosing the right solution and propose specific options. Suggested budget will help me determine the scale on which we can cooperate.

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